Carl the Imposter | iPhone Photo Series
This is Carl the Imposter. He lives under the house of my next-door-neighbor, Kate. A good many months ago he appeared out of nowhere, scraggly and thin, wandering the neighborhood and always gravitating to her yard of dense and shady plant life. She started leaving food out for him, so he stuck around. He was skittish, though, and didn't get along with her indoor-outdoor cat Carl, the big man on the block.

Carl is where he gets his name from. Both cats are short-haired and grey, with barely-there tabby patterns. But Carl has white front paws; Carl the Imposter does not, hence his name.

The Imposter, as we call him for short, was frequently found to be wandering between Kate's house and ours, most often lounging in the side yard between the two. So Kate pulled off the vent cover to her crawl space, and it has become his home. He's looking healthier and more comfortable, though still won't let anyone closer than two arm lengths; but that's progress. Someday I hope he'll let me scratch his ears.


Part of the iPhone photo series. Taken on an iPhone 6 and edited on device.

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