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Carly Gross: Eating For Chakras, Healing Digestion And Sexy Self Care
Episode 63: Carly Gross is a certified holistic nutrition and health coach, yoga teacher, and plant-based recipe developer helping women ditch dieting for a more soulful, intuitive, sexy, and fun approach to health, weight, food, and life! She is the creator of the Sexy Self Care 28 Day Course and the author of the e-book Already Healed. You can get her free ebook Intuition Kitchen to trust your body with food, as well as bonus superfood recipes, as a gift on her website

Carly Gross is not only an inspiration to myself, but she is wise beyond her years. Carly blends nutritional information with intuition to know what direction to take her life on a day to day basis.

Listen to this episode to learn how to create your own sexy self care routine, eat for chakras, and take care of your tummy’s health with loving, calming nourishment.

Show notes:

  • How Carly set out to heal her digestion
  • Her experience with orthorexia (and what’s different today)
  • How labels trapped her later in life, but eventually set her free
  • What is a chakra?
  • How to balance chakras + eat for specific chakras
  • The beauty of moving organically for chakras
  • Chaga Mushroom Tonic (get chaga HERE)
  • Carly’s Superfood Hot Chocolate recipe
  • Article: 20 Reasons Why I love Chaga Mushroom
  • Parasite Cleansing (HERE and HERE are the articles I referred to)
  • Why doing an enema during a parasite cleanse is beneficial
  • Who the Sexy Self Care Course is for, what’s included and what you can expect going into the program
  • Check out the Sexy Self Care 28-Day Course HERE

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