The Carpet Doodles
Believe it or not, I drew this doodle because I saw a very pretty sunlight casting shadow on the carpet one morning and I wanted to take a photo of my sketchbook on the carpet.. but I had already taken every page I could think of....

So I ended up drawing this so that I can take a photo of it on the carpet with this sunlight and I'm calling it the (I-want-to-take-photo-on-this) CARPET DOODLES.

Some random things on the doodle are: 

  • a gang of teeth
  • a very bad drawing of Dan & Phil (I'm a big Phan trash...)
  • boba milk tea that misses me because I can't drink it right now 
  • two hairy, fluffy... fruits...?
  • fried egg UFO
  • an octopus disguised as a scoop of ice cream
  • a box-headed man popping out from another box

Ps. Please ignore the left page where I listed some food & drink menu that I can eat after my wisdom teeth operation hahaha