Carriage Design: Cockpit
Is cockpit the right word for this? I don't know, this vehicle doesn't exist! It's the front-type area  houses the ship's controls and is relatively livable compared to the trash floor behind it.

Since Episode 3 takes place on Arizona's ship and I've been drawing it a lot recently, I thought I could return to posting design sketches of it. This was an initial sketch I made to rethink how the front of the ship looks, since I wasn't satisfied with the weird selection of furniture on display in Episode 1. There were two chairs up front, but Arizona steered the ship standing up? Who sat there??

The gist was that I wanted the area to both look lived in and be conducive to staging scenes. The couch is a much more useful and in-character set piece than the chairs or table were, and I really enjoy slapping a messy wooden desk into an interstellar spaceship.  One thing I'm still working on playing up is the structure of the whole thing; you can see some pipes up there but I want to push it way further.

While I'll probably nitpick the finer points, I'm much happier with this setup. You can see it at the end of Episode 2 and you'll be seeing it plenty more.

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