Cartoon Hero and Media Hunter: Fairy Tail x Rave
What better way to review a crossover than with a crossover?
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Pledge $1 or more and you'll be mentioned by name in the credits of my videos.  Every little bit helps!
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Pledge $5 and you get to see my scripts--I'll post those when videos go up.  Fair warning, what you see on the video is pretty much exactly what you get, but some people seem to enjoy reading these scripts for whatever reason.  And if you like that, here you go. 
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Pledge $10 and you get early access to videos.  About two or three days earlier, since I like to try and keep a schedule, but with a 9-5 job it's harder to meet it. 
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EDIT: The people have spoken, and it seems they're okay with me bumping up the cost of requests by $5. If you made your request before 1/22/17, it will not be affected.

Pledge $25 and I'll do a review of your choice.  You can request reviews at any time normally, but this will bump said request up to the top of my list and guarantee that it will be made.  (In which case, I'll ask you to choose something else, because I'm already giving you a full review anyway.) There are a few caveats--I can't do anything I'd have to censor, and if it's a video game review, I'd like to be able to play it--and since I only have a Wii-U, a PS2, Steam, and a 3DS at the time, that's not going to be everything.  Also, the review might not be as the Hero--I'll probably do a shorter review as myself.  But hey, if it fits the subject matter, you might see it in full review form on the show anyway.  But feel free to donate review material if you wish!

Note that as long as you keep up the $25 pledge, you can keep requesting reviews.  But I also won't be able to do a new request every month just for scheduling alone.  So I'd prefer it, if you were going to keep requesting indefinitely, which you can, to ask me for a new review every other month. 
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