Castel Gandolfo
Actually, this is where I wanted to go that day, but then, once I got off the train and saw the majesty of the lake, my only thought has become to go there. Anyway the view from the top si also incredible, my only regret is to hadn't have a wide-angle lens. If there's a thing I hate in my works, it is to be forced to cut my images due to my only 18-105mm lens. Anyway if you're reading this, you are contributing to increase my chances to make better photos and have a better equipment.

After seen the lake and walked for like two hours, I could finally go to eat in Castel Gandolfo. This was also the first time I've eaten alone in a restaurant, while I was enjoying the meal, I could also take this picture. For only 15 euros, more or less, I've eaten and watched this panorama totally at peace. The lake, the sky, the clouds, everything is perfect here but as for the last picture, I'm sorry about aberrations that I've tried to fix on the Jpeg. If you have the opportunity, you must come to see this place!

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