Castle "Godfried from Bouillon"
This medieval castle lays on top of a hill over the small village "Bouillon" in Belgium near the border with France.Here lived Godfried from Bouillon and his family until he responded to the calls from the pope to go to the Holy Land and deliver Jerusalem from the occupation by the Saracenen.  Godfried sold his castle, his mother went to a monastery, and with his money he raised an army and re-conqured Jerusalem.  He was proclaimed "Protector of the Holy Land" (by the pope I suppose).  Today as honest persons we must place big questionmarks on that.  Historical facts are that life for christians in Jerusalem was not so bad as described. There was freedom in religion and no massacring the christians.  The Crusaders armies, this and the others still te come after this, were far more cruel than the non-christians.  The story leading to the pope's calls was slaunder by some other rulers who had only personal gains as objectives. In a way Godfried was a victim of his time.  I like to think that he acted with true intentions.   For sure the ground on wich he acted was slaunder but he did not know that. Or did he?  How could he have known that ? 

The damage done so many hundreds of years ago still haunts us today with an unbelievable cost in human lives.   

The lesson that each human being should have learned a long time ago is that extremists then and today, in religion or any other field in live - are so wrong.  Themselves and all mankind looses so very much and no one really gains anything.

One of the modelshoots i hope to be doing is in that castle.  I already have permission to shoot there. I have photomodels candidating for that shoot, make up artists and hairdressers.   For outfits i must buy, the team and their transport and entrace fee  I must paie - so for that I need sponsoring.