Castle inter-room movement poll

One of the players gave me an idea about moving between the various rooms in the castle without the need to go outside and I decided to make a poll about it.

In the current version, if you (for example) exit Ada’s room and want to get to the laboratory, you’ll need to use the castle’s door outside and pick the desired option. If I’ll make the menu in each room, players will see a travel menu if they try to exit the current room. The said menu will give you a choice similar to the castle’s gates.

Do you want such a change or it will slow down movement too much for your liking? Implementing this feature will not affect v0.8 release date if players will vote for it. 

Keep it as is. Extra menus are redundant


Make the tranfer menu for each room

Poll ended Apr 1, 2019
153 votes total

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