Casual Shenanigans Gaming Episode 88 - When Should Games Release?
Casual Shenanigans Gaming is a podcast all about everything PC Gaming related. This week we talk about the ideal release window for AAA games, the latest news, and we see if the Potato Masher can run Battlefield: Hardline! Write into the show at: [email protected] Stay up to date with CSG and play with us: Download the CSG ARMA mod pack here: Our Teamspeak server: Follow us on Twitter: Here is the RSS feed for the show: Support us on Patreon! Here is the iTunes link for the show: EPISODE 88 Show Notes TOPIC OF THE WEEK 4:20 With all the delays of the past year or two, is the holiday games season still relevant or important? NEWS: Twitch CEO says game consoles will die out 33:10 Make ARMA Not War winners announced 40:00 YouTube will relaunch its streaming service to focus on games 42:10 43:00 WarZ is back again as “Romero: Aftermath” Singularity Shame Segment: 47:45 EA/Visceral drops the ball on “Premium events” for the THIRD GAME in a row. Potato Patch 53:45 Bloodborne was almost 100% functional on launch day, good job From! GTA V on next gen consoles silently downgraded during Heist patch. The Potato Masher 1:09:00 Battlefield: Hardline Mail Time 1:16:00 We have mail What are you playing this week? 90 Seconds With Joel
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