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All products and steps below!

This makeup look is from my Boom Boom music video! I was inspired by the more "casual" Harajuku makeup I've seen in magazine's like Kera!

Boom Boom MV:

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I've never done a proper make up tutorial before, so sorry it looks a bit messy! It was really hard to do it on just a small camera screen! But I hope it helps you a little, and if you have any questions about how I did something or the products, feel free to leave a comment and I'll try and answer!

I know you guys wanted to see some of the make up I got from Japan, so I used them here! Some stuff you may be able to find on ebay or amazon though!

Steps and products!

1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise your face to make your skin clean and smooth to work with! I also use my hands a lot when I apply make up, so I always wash them before!

2. I gave my lips a lip scrub to make them smooth and to get rid of any dry flakes. I used Canmake Days Night Lip Scrub (from Japan)

3. Then I used Bubbles lip balm to lock in my lips moisture and make them nice for lipstick! This lip balm was a freebie when I bought a load of Bubbles clothes in Harajuku.

4. Then I used BB cream. This is my favourite thing! I bought so many in Japan. It's called Baby Pink BB Mineral Cream.

5. To conceal dark circles and uneven patches I used Collections Lasting Perfection concealer. I patted it all in gently with my ring finger.

6. Then to highlight my face, I used Seventeen's Skin Wow! Glow and Primer on my cheekbones, brow bones, nose, cupid's bow and chin. I LOVE this stuff, it makes my face look so magical and fresh! You can use it as a primer underneath foundation or BB cream too!

7. Then I put pink blush in a line across my cheeks and on my nose bridge. It's trendy in Harajuku to make it quite bright! I was using an Estee Lauder blush.

8. I used Urban Decay's 15 Year Anniversary box for my base eye shadow, and I used the colour Vanilla. I brushed it all over my eyelid with an Arbonne make up brush.

9. Then I used a Beauty UK palette and I brushed the pale pink in the creases and on the outer edges of my eye and blended it all in.

10. Then I used the light blue in my crease to blend with the pink, to make a subtle purple colour. Then I blended it all with a bigger eye brush.

11. NOW THIS BEAUTY! This is my favourite eye liner! I got it in Japan, and it's a Sailor Moon felt eyeliner! Not only is it super pretty, the eyeliner is soo good! It is really easy to apply and lasts so long! The brand is called creerbeaute if you want to try and search for it. So, to put the eyeliner on I basically gently hold the corner of my eye and make gradual lines and join them up until I get the shape and flick I want. Then I extended the line to just under my water line to really open my eyes up and make them look big!

12. Then I added some sparkle to the inner corner of my eyes and on my tear bags with this glitter liner I got from Japan. It's called Heavy Rotation Shiny Jewel Eyeliner, and I had it in the shade 03.

13. Then I used Loreal's Miss Manga Mascara (typical, I know, but it's a really good mascara!). I brushed the edges of my bottom lashes and applied some on my top lashes.

14.The eyelashes I used were Amoyamo's no.816 punk lashes. The glue I used was D.U.P Eyelashes Fixer EX in clear. In Japan they were selling this as super glue eyelash glue, and honestly it's pretty impressive!

15. I put the eyelashes on really badly! I couldn't see what I was doing! Also I don't know what that yellow blob is....ew!! But I usually line them up with my eye then as close to my lash line as possible, I stick down the middle first, then the outer edge, then the inner. And then I poke the lashes up!

16. Then I used the amazing brow pencil I got from Japan! It's called Noah Quick Eyebrow. I find it really hard in the UK to find a grey/black eyebrow pencil that matches my eyebrow colour, but Japan had it! Yey! I basically just follow my natural eyebrow line but make the inner edge a little thicker to make the eyebrows seem more straight. I think this gives you a more youthful look, and it seems pretty trendy in the Japanese and Korean magazines!

17. Then I used this pink/purpley lipstick, and I honestly can't remember the brand because it's faded off the case! But I got it in superdrug and it was only £1.00. But it's really pigmented and lasts a long time!

18. Then I put on my wig from DreamyBows and my headband I got in Harajuku and I'm done! Strike a pose.

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