Cat Blanket
The cats love to take the shape of a blanket … a very heavy and difficult to move blanket. But, on the plus side, it's very warm and, really, who wants to move anywhere else at that point?


As I begin this, there are 7 cats in my home. I recently had 13 at one time, but found homes for the rest. My current colony is all from the space behind my apartment. Of those here, there's 3 adult cats, and another 4 cats around 1 year old now.


I hope to introduce you to them all, but in this image you can see a female marmalade tabby, Ranga. Ranga's mom, Vasalissa, is the siamese farthest from the camera. To the left is Ereshkigal, a shorthair russian blue; she's the mom of the two black kitties curled up in the middle, Huginn and Muninn.