A catch up with old friends in the Wine-lands (*Sample Post*)
Started my day with breakfast with Lauren at a went to a great health cafe called Nu in Sea Point. Great food and good coffee and also a decent catch up with Lauren, before she headed off to work.

I spent the day working on a few things and I was happy with the stuff that I got done.

Around 3pm I packed and headed along the coast toward Somerset West. I met Grant at Peter Falke (the guy that makes Falke socks) wine farm. We had a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and then headed to Grant’s house. Grant, Kath and I chilled in the kitchen as they cooked a vegan dinner for us all. One of the biggest blessings for me is having people that support me and go to the effort of accommodating my diet when I come to visit them. It means to much to me

Was so good catching up with them, they seem super happy in their new house and in their lives. Had an early night as I'm going to be training at a new CrossFit box tomorrow here in Somerset West.