Catching my breath
This year has been a roller-coaster, amazing for its ups and downs. I've spent serious time learning new things, struggling with health and hope, and saying goodbye to old stabilities. As some of you know, I'm no longer regular at Medium. I'm now wrapping up a few other obligations. In a few weeks, I'll be without responsibilities! Or, um, income! Your support is preventing me from panicking about taking care of my family, but I know crowdfunding is about doing things that people find awesome. While many of you may find the idea of me having some downtime awesome, I also appreciate the bit of pressure to keep me thinking and pushing towards the next thing(s). 

So a few things kicking around my hopper right now:

  • I've committed to taking most of November off and working on a NaNoWriMo. It'll be a children's book, most likely about cats. I know that's not my usual, but it's for a very special person. 
  • I'm considering starting a podcast, since I hear that's so damn lucrative. ;) Right now I'm thinking of using history to contextualize sci/tech news, much as I have in many of my talks. I know nothing about doing a podcast, sound engineering/editing, so whatever I do plan to suck at it, hopefully amusingly. 
  • I have been thinking for most of the year how I could do public pop up talks and round table discussions, in parks or hackerspaces or people's houses, as I travel. Ideas around this are very welcome. I love speaking, as it forces me to clarify my ideas. I also love conversation, as I think that clarifies everyone's ideas.
  • I'd like to write more regularly on infosec, but not on breaking news. I've watched enough hacks and compromises that it feels like doing the same story every time, and I feel the current wave of coverage leads to nihilism and a lack of ideas.  I'd rather help people understand the present and look forward. Mostly, though, editors are looking for knowledgable hack coverage, which is what people want to read, so I don't see getting to do the work I want to do here for a while. 
  • There's always the looming idea of a book, but the publishing world makes me hesitate. I don't think I could feel good about it without something like Cory Doctorow's CC deal, and I don't know if I could realistically get that. 
  • I would love to work with educators on technological and media literacy tools for kids, but have thus far lacked partnership for that work. 
  • There's always more. There's always too much for anyone to do. 

I'm interested in hear from people about these projects and other -- so many of the things I'm most proud of doing have come out of conversations on the net.  And I'm as curious as anyone to know what's coming next. But for right now -- keep breathing. 

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