I didn't intend to go so long without making an update, but time flies when you're working on multiple projects!

As you may infer from the graphic above, I've been working on new magnet layouts. I'm still working on them. I confess I have only so much tolerance for digital work. There comes a point in an evening of resizing, cropping, and shifting art around, when I can no longer tell what looks best. That's when it's time to take a break and come back to it. At the moment I have 8 finished new magnet layouts, and a few more in the works. The new magnets are mostly new works from the past year, though I am considering a couple new Arcanum Bestiarum art magnets as well.

I've also been spending time tearing paper both for screen print ink tests and the Project Which Shall Not Be Named. Tomorrow I will be screen print ink testing on a number of paper colors, cloth, and leather. I'm hoping for some good results and look forward to sharing them!

Speaking of the Project Which Shall Not be Named, I've got block #25 ready for carving as soon as I've finished refinement on a prior piece. I'm semi dreading and looking forward to #25 because it's a bit different from the others. It may be technically challenging, but it shouldn't be boring to carve!

A few other things are in the works, including a show I'm particularly excited about, though not quite ready for announcement right this moment.

Hope you had a good weekend!