CatFight Color Selection!
Hails Minions!

After 4 long and arduous test designs, screens, and test prints, we've finally found a method of halftoning that works with our screen printing process! Now it's up to YOU to pick a color for the new shirt!

Please comment below with your color choice. If you have a suggestion for a color combination that's not here (ex: "Purple ink on a green shirt!"), write it in below!

Those of you backing at $6 and above will receive this shirt as your final free shirt of the year! And for the rest of the backers, FEAR NOT: this shirt design will be sold on our online store AND at our shows!

In addition, these shirts will be printed on EVEN SOFTER shirt material than normal! We're switching back to our Bella Canvas shirts, which are measurably softer than our already soft Anvil Ringspun shirts. If you've got one of our longsleeve "Oni" shirts, this is the same material as those shirts!

So, let us know what you think! (Please note: the final print will be a little more BOLD than this picture...but we promise, it's still cool!)


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