Cathedral Postcard
The big seller for me at conventions is my 4.25"x5.5" Art Cards, which I print on parchment résumé paper. Lots of people have asked me if they are postcards and if they can send them in the mail. The paper I use (and the only one available to me at the print shop) isn't thick enough to send in the post.

So, I decided to make actual postcards out of my illustrations. I found a printing company that has three different types of paper and I'm ordering about 100 of each. 100 is their minimum order. I should be getting them some time next week and let you know what I think of each. After I choose the paper and see the print quality, I'm going to order more (I have about 16 illustrations that are in my card rotation).

I'll put off sending out the $25+/month Reward Envelopes until I have these postcards in my hands.

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