Cat's Meow: A One Page Pathfinder Adventure

A FREE downloadable preview in D&D 5th Edition is below available for download, but the Pathfinder version is for backers only! 

This amazing artwork is what our artists created and we chose to use for our first of a line of adventure products for the GM on the go! The purpose of these adventures is to fill in when you need a one-shot, when you are out of ideas, or just to drop some interesting flavour into an existing campaign. It is compatible with The Pathfinder Role-Playing Game, and soon there will be version of this supporting all of your favourite games systems.  

In it, we also include bonus material that details the Cult of Feline Perfection and a lion-like playable race, the Chatoulim, which is what is pictured. This is available to patrons only before it goes on sale, likely next month.