Cats- The domesticated pest!

These cute small and fluffy balls of fun are great companions from the age of 5 through 65 but can they be trusted? 

Roaming the neighborhood streets, ripping food out of bins and tearing innocent birds away from their young.

This has become quite a common sight in suburban areas and an even bigger issue in the cities, alongside foxes the domestic cat is an another ethical problem that many are having, should cats be allowed to wander the streets?

 And more concerningly should owners be allowed to let their cats roam free?

 The most recent figures are from the Mammal Society, which estimates that the UK's cats catch up to 275 million prey items a year, of which 55 million are birds. This is the number of prey items that were known to have been caught; we don't know how much more the cats found, but didn't bring home, or how many escaped but subsequently died.

Although it's said that the majority of birds that the cats do bring into the home or just kill and leave outside would have died of natural causes before being executed, so is it that much of a big concern? There's no reliable scientific evidence that the domesticated cat is the cause of national bird decline, but it is a significant factor to take into account.

Personally, I admire owners who walk their cats on a leash, but I also can understand how humiliating this may be, it can be especially stressful if you have an older cat who may be unprepared for this new experience of being dragged around on a fluffy pink leash.

And that's not even scratching the surface when it comes to how toxic cat feces is to young children.

Playing in long grass, just imagine your young boy/girl playing in the grass and touching the sticky mess and then rubbing their eyes, not only can it be excruciatingly painful but they may lose their eyesight!

Honestly, it's up to the individual, "your pet your choice" but I think (and this is in the eyes of a dog lover and owner) cats are a domestic pest, especially when not house trained!

So whether or not you have a house cat or a street tabby, keep in mind the damage that your little kitty may be causing on the streets when you're not around.