Catsworth Shirt (Rocket League)

Just letting you know that when I start my stream up tonight (monday) we'll have Catsworth and my team shirt available if you are interested in that sort of stuff. I commissioned the artwork and I'm real happy with it, and so is Catsworth.

I'm starting a week-long teespring campaign directly through twitch partner interface to see how it works; it should be integrated directly into my channel. But after the campaign is over, I'll be opening a Design-By-Humans store so you won't have to worry about missing out on it forever or anything.

After this shirt has a run, I will immediately be moving onto offering my dad's punchout! shirt because his birthday's comin' up later this month. You can expect another stream with him boxing too, because he had a good time. I've been planning this for a long while now; it just so happens that Catsworth shirt is ready in time to do both together.

Note that my Monday streams have been starting 2-3 hours late because Psych is streaming Alundra and I like to join in for that. It is very likely I will be starting at 11 or 12 est.