My 46 internet art film, here this was a real treat to work on, had so much fun creating this!   RG
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if ya like comics this is for you! I like comics so much that I always have boxes of comics coming in because I am a collector and a seller on Ebay! but get this! I need more room in this studio and some comics gots to go!!  1.00 will get your name on the list and I can send you a comic or comics  ship right to you!  from time to time when I need to clear out a space, and right now I have a lot to get rid of golden age to silver age to modern age some Bronze age also! Batman superman green lantern (GA) flash and many others
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I will preform in character any gripe or out burst that you have that is bothering you! having a BAD DAY? some body geting on you last nerve! need some a something to bounce it off of? send me a line  or 2 and I will make a special video in top performance character just for YOU!!! and post it on my Youtube channel send all lines to [email protected]  and see the express curtain open and yaaaawhoooo!
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 Here is a great way to become part of something, LIKE MIDWEST HOLLYWOOD!!! we create internet art films here! and we also look for creative people to help and be part of the process, NOW when  you join this tier you get on the dated base with RG studio creative unite were we will ask for your name ,talent , info, ect to so we can call you to a project we will be creating , so you can be a part of it! if your out of town we will foot the bill just to work with you! because it is all about having fun creating and becoming better focus within self, so join this tier if your a creative sort , and like to be part of something big and fantastic!!!  RG
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will get a personal email of THANK YOU from me RG
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I will list your names on my web series " Behind The RG studio " and "post conversation"  look for you names in the end titles 
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I will send you a studio collectible right out of my storage area, this will help me clear out my storage,and find those who will have a prop, T-shirts , action figures, and stuff that was created by me RG ,posters, costumes, all sorts of stuff, now this works like this from month to month when I need to clear out the studio storage your name will be on this list and I will send you a box with some studio collectibles in them from RG studio!
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I will created a special thank you with names to list video and post it on my youtube channel shouting out your names 
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VIP Member  this will get you Access to all the RG Studio Events here on the Studio lot in Wichita Ks, were you will meet  RG  and his PR guy and get a tour of the New RG Studio and updates on all special events within the RG studio realm, and you will here the special Member News just for the VIP's and there interest in the RG studio for those who met the PR guy you might want this Reward!!!!!
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I will mail you out a  RG studio T- shirt  the promo shirts for the next 4 internet art film created   that are created in limited amounts only and very much sought after! once I finish an internet art film I will created the New T shirt and mail the patron one for each internet art film that will be created,starting with CAVES OF THE VAMPIRES  so in all you will have 4  RG studio T shirts as each internet art film is finish and a T-shirt is mail to you

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want to be in an RG internet art film as an Action figure this will happen I will created an action figure one for you and one for the RG studio to put in an upcoming internet art film it will have your face and likeness 
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I will send you the Ace THUNDER Ace collection and Shark II wicked Beast DVDs with nice cover fronts and a special internet art film prop that was created and use in a RG studio internet art film 
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