CBL Update - July 2014
This is Dan from Rabid Hamster Workshop and I would like to take a moment to give all of our Patreon supporters a quick update to what is going on with CBL. CBL Project Status -------------------------- The first CBL characters should be released near the end of August or the beginning of September. The last major thing that we still need to do is to complete the page layout templates and background textures for our PDFs. We are in the process of having a graphic designer and an artist to help us with this so our PDFs will look professional and are laid out in a efficient manner. Once our PDF templates are completed, we will be able to start releasing characters on a regular monthly basis. CBL PDFs -------------- From this moment forward, we will be focusing the majority of our time in finishing the layout templates for our CBL PDFs. Once they are completed, we can start releasing our characters to the public. However, until that happens, we plan to show some WIP layouts on Patreon next month for you to review and leave any feedback that you think would help us improve them. The main goal of our PDFs is twofold: to provide pre-generated characters that are ready to use at a moment's notice for your campaigns and to make them printer-friendly as possible. We also plan to add bookmarks to them as well. As a reminder, all Patreon supporters will receive our PDFs without any watermarks! CBL's Official Logo -------------------------- We have hired a graphic designer to help us create an official logo for CBL. As you can see from the picture attached to this activity post (assuming you can see it!), it is still a WIP and we hope it will be completed by the end of this month. This will be the logo that we plan to use on all of our character PDFs and advertisement banners for CBL. Character Artwork -------------------------- We currently have 14 character portraits completed with two more still in development (halfling wizard & aasimar bard with evil beard!) and one that will be commissioned in September (mantis warrior). This gives us a total of 17 characters that we plan to release for CBL with our human cavalier and dwarven ranger-rogue being first. Once both of these characters are completed, your feedback will help us determine the order that we release our remaining characters as well as helping us decide what characters we should create thereafter. We want to make interesting characters for you to use in your campaigns, so your feedback is important to us! Character Builds ------------------------ We would like to let you know that we will be posting character build drafts for all of our characters on Patreon so you can look them over and give us your feedback on them before we finalize them. Feel free to give us any opinions, suggestions, questions, and whatnot you have and it can range anywhere from class build types, feat choices, animal companions, skill selection, domains, spells, archetypes, weapons & armor, character backgrounds, etc...etc. Example of class build types: archer ranger, two-weapon fighting-feint oriented rogue, and mobility fighter. CBL Stat Conversions to Other RPGs ---------------------------------------------------- Starting next week, we will be looking for people to help us convert our Pathfinder character stat blocks to other RPGs. We are mainly interested in converting our characters to other popular game systems like FATE, 13th Age, and GURPS, but we are open to any game system that deals with fantasy characters. And, if there is enough demand from out Patreon supporters, our rabid hamsters slaving in our workshop may be persuaded to do translate our characters to 3rd edition of D&D! Free Updates & Conversions ----------------------------------------- All updates and stat conversions for our CBL characters are free to our Patreon supporters. We will never charge you for them ever! Pathfinder's Advanced Class Guide -------------------------------------------------- For Pathfinder gamers, we plan to add the Advanced Class Guide to our list of books that we use to create our characters about 2-3 months after it has been released. Hopefully, all the major game mechanics and wording issues have been dealt with by then by the Pathfinder developers. That's it for this update and I'll post another one next month to keep you informed on what is going on at our end. I may also do a brief Google Hangout or Livestream next month as well for all of our Patreon supporters to talk about anything CBL or RPG related if I have the time. Take care and thank you for supporting CBL! - Dan TL;DR ----- CBL project update - CBL will be released at the end of August/beginning of September. We will be using the Pathfinder Advanced Class Guide 2-3 months after it has been released. Patreon supporters will receive PDFs with no watermarks and all CBL character updates and Pathfinder stat conversions to other RPGs will be free.
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