CBL Update - May 2015
This is Dan from Rabid Hamster Workshop and I would like to take a moment to give all of our Patreon supporters a quick update to what is going on with CBL. CBL’s Character Release #2 – dwarven ranger (guide) We plan to have our second character for Pathfinder finished by the end of this month. He is still based on being a switch-hitter, but he will be using a heavy crossbow instead of composite longbow for ranged combat. At this point in time, his new build and equipment have been updated to reflect this change so the only major things we have left to do is write up his character fluff page and do his PDF layout. Converting our characters to D&D 5e We have decided to wait until Gen Con to see if WOTC will (finally) announce what their official 5e licensing will be for 3rd party publishers like ourselves to follow. However, if they still don’t reveal any type of license for 5e at the convention, then we will start converting our characters over to it, but in an unofficial way like how some other gaming companies have already done with their commercial releases for the new incarnation of D&D. Switching from supporting Dresden Files to FATE After talking with Fred Hicks over at Evil Hat, we are unable to support Dresden Files commercially. We apologize to any of our patrons that were looking for Dresden File conversions of our CBL characters. However, we are allowed to convert our characters over to the FATE system and sell them. Thus, we plan to start doing FATE conversions of our characters sometime later this summer. We want to be familiar with the FATE rules system before we do any conversions for it, and possibly have a FATE expert on-board to help us out as well. That is all the news we have for now. Also, as a reminder, when our 2nd character is close to being released, we will poll our patrons on which character in our lineup we should do next. Until the next update! - Dan