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~ Chapter one ~

“Drink up boys!” Staff Sergeant Knecht called, “We’re on QRF (quick reaction force) all~l~l day-long tomorrow!”

Sergeant Nelson shook his head, a bit disgusted by the guys drinking so heavily the night before they were on duty again. To be fair, as the medic, he was against them drinking at all in this heat. The motto of the army may as well be ‘Drink Water!’ He understood the need the others felt to forget their troubles, but tomorrow they would be wearing full kit in one hundred ten degree weather.

“C’mon little Joe!” Private first class (PFC) Johnson slapped his favorite medic on the shoulder, “If they get too dehydrated do what ya always do! Stick ‘em!”

Sergeant Nelson glared at the overly familiar tone, “Johnson, you know that you can’t use my first name like that around officers. They’re super touchy about that, especially when we get a chance to drink. Don't be a blue falcon and screw this up for everyone.” Indeed, a few of the butter-bars (2nd lieutenants) had glared over at them and muttered. The Captain grabbed the hostile officer and shook his head to calm him down.

“Also, we don’t have a bunch of IV’s right now, so it’ll be a bit hard to ‘stick em’ as you suggest. The shipment of supplies is late. Hell, the fuel shipment is late again, which is why we are doin’ half patrols. If we had a logistic sergeant in charge over there instead of that two bit luey, we-”

“La-la-la!” The PFC put his hands over his ears, “I’m not hearing you say bad things about our XO (executive officer) right now! I’m not getting into logistics, administration, or politics!” When a gleam came into Joey’s eyes, Johnson quickly amended, “Or religion! Nope, tonight I’m drinkin’!”

Even though he wanted to say something, the PFC sure had him pegged. Sergeant Nelson settled back into his seat and slowly nursed his one beer for the night, drinking twice as much water to counteract the dehydration.


“We’ve got a problem sir!” A radio operator, Specialist Krout had been pressed into service on the medevac helicopter when the last one had come down with a bad case of… dying. “First platoon got hit, they found an I.E.D. the wrong way. QRF is on the way, but they need medical attention ASAP.”

The pilot, Warrant Officer Lyons, nodded and began flying toward the coordinates Krout provided. According to the nine-line medevac report included, there were no hostiles in the area so landing to pick up wounded was a top priority. Their platoon only had two choppers and both were used for quick pick-ups. Battalion had the real firepower stationed almost fifty miles south.

“Wow, use more acronyms in your next report, Krout.” A sarcastic reply was snapped out. Chief Lyons turned to look behind himself, “Nelson! You and your guys ready to go?”

“Always, sir!” was the shouted reply. The rotors above were very loud. They got close to the landing zone and prepared to get to work. Jumping out as soon as they touched down, Sergeant Nelson and his two specialists made a run for the smoking wreck of a Humvee. The wounded were spread on the ground about twenty feet away, and low moans of pain came from several of them. Those ones didn’t worry him as much as the silent men.

A Staff Sergeant came over and gave him a quick SITREP (situation report), “Five wounded, two critically. Meyers is aware but not making any noise, he lost his leg. He should be screaming.”

“Different man, different way of dealing with pain.” Nelson shook his head as he kneeled down to triage the men. After initial assessment and the application of a few tourniquets, he noted with relief that all of these men would survive if they got proper care in a timely manner. They loaded up and took off. Sergeant Nelson was fully absorbed by his work until he heard an ominous shout of ‘Oh shit!’ and the chopper took a hard turn. Nelson then had a perfect view of the RPG coming for the broad side of the chopper. There was a flash of light, just before everything went black.