Cebra Girl: Hunter or Prey? (New pinup artwork)
Hi and howdy!

sorry again for the long time silence and thanks for staying with me, it means the world to me!
However, after working on the new shop for about 2.5 months, working on 3 book cover projects and being in the middle of an exiting RPG cover, I managed to create some new addition to my Fantasio Girls portfolio; especially the Anthro-inspired category :)

Working towards my new shop resulted in a slightly changed way of making decisions. Mainly the decision making is more geared towards the artwork being a final physical product, and in that regard I decided to create a color scheme that fits nicely to the other 2 pieces in that particular series:

Some of you may remember my sketch for the Cebra-Girl about 2 years ago or so...

...well, that is how it developed ;)
the pose is inspired by a sequence from a music clip from Gesaffelstein
wich you can watch here:
If you like Nitzer Ebb, you might like this ;)

Here is a little close-up:

Now if you look close enough you will realize that these are hunters-pupils and that is right. I received some critique for this piece when it was just a sketch back in the day, mainly because of the high-heels and a prey not being able to use a bow being not a great concept, etc.

I realized that in order to fit the series it does not have to be a valid and anatomical correct concept, instead I went as crazy with the idea as possible and put into question what everyone takes for granted (that hunters do hunt and prey is...well prey :).

I just wanted a nice addition to my anthro series and had some fun with her facial details.

Oh and the bow is based on an original design by Lanetary.

Attached is also a timelapse-process-slide from sketch to final piece. The video will be viewable with my upload on Artstation, until then you can download the GIF here as attachment.

Thanks so much for supporting me and I hope you like,

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