Celebrate My Patreon Launch With a Free Prerelease Pack Download!

Hello and welcome to my Patreon page! I have been working on this page for the past few months, going through countless revisions and ideas on how I wanted to present myself. Due to my resent hospitalization, I've been unable to finish this project until today. I had originally planned for my campaign to be live in early April.

Many people have been waiting for me to announce when I would start working on a Faithful version of my stacked items pack. Well today is that day. To celebrate the launch of my Patreon campaign, I am giving a sneak peak, and providing a free beta download for my newest pack, Vader's Stacked Faithful Pack. The download currently has all of the item textures you see in the image above, that's 60 textures across 30 items! Enjoy the pack everyone.

Vader's Stacked Faithful Pack

The pack is made as an add-on for Faithful, and uses Optifine features in order to function. So you must have both downloaded and enabled for the pack to work. Also make sure you have Optifines "Custom Item Textures" feature turned on. The pack is currently formatted for Minecraft 1.11.

Download Vader's Stacked Faithful Pack 

Download Optifine 1.11 

Download Vanilla Faithful 1.11 

If you find any bugs, errors, or think I've made a mistake on any of the textures. Please report your concerns to me and I'll do my best to address them.

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