Celebrate Mistakes! Video 2 - Mid-Marriage Encouragements
  Celebrate mistakes - if you're making mistakes, you're growing. 

Let yesterday's mistakes go. Make new ones today. 

In the middle of marriage, there's every guarantee you've made mistakes. And you'll be making more. Decide to let yesterday's mistakes go. 

Don't blame your spouse for their mistakes. And if you're going to refer to a past mistake as part of the experience you've gathered as husband and wife, be respectful.

Treasure mistakes as fertilizer to grow. 

Don’t allow your mistakes to become your identity as a couple. It’s not possible to solve every mistake. Some will need to be processed, and accepted. Some mistakes hurt – hurt terribly. But you can’t go back to un-make them. 

In every case –  even these challenging ones –  it’s important to learn how to apologize so your spouse feels your sincerity. 

Learn how to apologize to your spouse, so your husband or wife can understand that you are truly sorry.  

We’ll be writing a review of a favorite book on this topic – “When Sorry Isn’t Enough: Making Things Right with Those You Love”  –  to provide some insight into this topic. (affiliate link)

Dwelling on the oversights, ommissions, blotches, and errors won’t make them any easier to solve. Wallowing in the mistakes won’t un-make them. You have a choice! Put all your energy into making things better. 

Your challenge this week to celebrate mistakes: 

Mistakes happen – and if you haven’t found it easy to move on, then we challenge you to remind yourself that mistakes are just fertilizer…  


We’ve created a PDF with some visuals/images and a list of 29 quotes about mistakes. We challenge you to download this list, PRINT IT and post them where you and your spouse will notice... and be reminded!  Go to the top of this post to find the downloadable PDF!

See you next week!

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Have courage.