It’s a boy! It’s a Boy!! It’s A BOY!!! It’s a Boy, Everybody. All Praises Due… 

to GOD, the father, and the woman who pushed him through. 

A conscious baby to champion human rights, maybe? 

Gladdening Grandmas and Aunties. A dream, not to be deferred. 

Here’s such promising bounty, small wonder to behold. 

Destined for responsibilities; to prosper and protect this house. 

Well look at there, a beautiful heir. Rightful, spitten stunner – 

favoring his Mommy (the bride’s side whispers); 

“looks just like his Daddy”,  the groom’s peeps say. 

Either way, a gift directly from heaven. Brownstone-tinted face bubbling, 

an honored ring of hopefuls. The golden cord is cut with a smack on the butt. 

This one, my love, a cut above. First-born child waking to awesome smiles. 

Coos and ahs abound. He shall wear a robe and crown. 

Christen him with wisdom beyond his years, and pray. 

Today we’ll allay all fears of disappointment. 

Ointment to ease our smitten hearts. 

Writhing in his innocence, predestined from beyond the dawn 

of ancient creation, about to be weaned by a Queen.

Does imperial seed actually stretch across his bloodlines?

Or must the dignity of this soul bring about genuine nobility?

However the path of life could proceed, 

A loving Mama and Papa he'll need.

So Pops is ecstatic, with video- cast. A box of cigars in rotation, he’ll pass. 

The church’s elders bless and wish well. Post-partum showers, 

Godparents chosen. Another Mother added to the ranks, beaming down

 like all the Seafair sun (in Washington State). 

The whole time, junior will grow, and instinctively know 

to crawl, walk, stand upright and tall. 

Then later, that Lad’ll take care of us all!