Celebrating The Shufflers 3rd Year Anniversary with another Open Call
 Hey remember that Open Call thing from last year? The turn out was so  good I thought I’d do it again in honor of The Shuffler’s 3rd year  anniversary!
I’ll be accepting guest art and comic submissions from  today (April 17th) to June 1st. Submissions will be posted on the front  page from June 5th to the 9th. Everybody is welcome to join in!

Here’s some guidelines to get you going;

 1.) All files should be 72 DPI, in JPEG or PNG (GIF formats are okay  for animated loop submissions.) Size wise, width should be no greater  than 800 pixels, but height can go above 1200 pixels.  (For reference,  the comic pages on the front page are 800x1200.) Submissions that are  super small or too huge will not be accepted.

2.) You may  submit as many pieces as you like, but I only ask that you please take  your time with them! One solid submission is better than 12 quick  doodles.

3.) Include your name/Alias, and a link to your comic, project, blog etc if you’d like a plug.

 4.) Please do not submit files with depictions of gore, sexual abuse,  extreme violence, racist imagery, fetish and pornographic themes. These  will be outright rejected.

5.) I’m pretty lenient with late  submissions, just as long as it’s given to me before the 5th of June.  However, I prefer getting it all in by the 1st so I have everything  queued up and ready to go without doing a last minute rush job.

And finally, all submissions should be sent to [email protected] with “Open Call” in the subject line.
Same goes for any questions you may have! 

I really look forward to this year’s turn-out and I hope you all have fun with it!