Celebrating a life well lived.
Today we went to the Memorial for Kelly Kalyani Diamond.  you will remember her as the single mother who passed away last month.  She was part of our outreach program and todays gathering was a wonderful expression of the appreciating people had for having her in thier lives.  They spoke of her name - kelly - meaning warrior ... and how even before she was ill she stepped up to every challenge in life with a fierceness that inspired others.  

It was an honor for Chaitanya (who went to vancouver to help in the month of may) Paramjyoti and myself to be part of Kalyani's journey... we send love and light to her daughter Priya.  Who turned one 2 weeks after her mothers passing.

Many people came up to us to say how Kalyani spoke of the work we were doing with her,  and how much it helped her in her final months to have a beacon of light to direct her attention and mind to...   Humbled to be able to off this to her, and ohters... and its because of your support that this happens... so thank YOU.

Namo Narayana

Team Niwas...