Celebrating two year anniversary!

(This August marks the two year anniversary of Creation Music on Patreon!)

We sure did the right thing when we decided to create CREATION MUSIC back in 2018! The music industry had changed dramatically and producing a new album each year was no longer viable. I had to choose to either stop making music or take the challenge and try something new. The switch to the Patreon platform was unconventional but with this new app I now am able to provide fresh and exclusive music, every day, to anyone, anywhere in the world - in a potentially sustainable way!
And one of the wonderful side effects is that it created this community of likeminded people (patrons) who desire more rest and peace in their own lives and join together to provide this for others - as we did with last years Christmas project: A Gift of Peace. Which gave hundreds of people an actual gift of peace from God!

This world seriously needs more peace and that is why I created Creation Music: To provide a vessel that helps to create a calming atmosphere on a daily basis!  

So to celebrate this anniversary I am excited to offer the biggest give-aways I have ever done!

All new and existing BASIC MEMBERS
will receive The Worship Collection
(9 albums)
as a FREE download!*
Click here to sign up before August 31

All new and existing ALL ACCESS MEMBERS
will receive The Complete Collection
(18 albums)
as a FREE download!*
Click here to sign up before August 31

I am so thankful for your continued support! More and more people expects music to be free or believe the lie that streaming services like Spotify, AppleMusic or Youtube are helping artists financially. But they really do not. It is support from people like you that keeps making this music possible. 

Thank you so much!

Bart de Krijger

*NOTE: These Anniversary Gifts are only available through becoming/being a supporting member of Creation Music on Patreon.com. These Gifts are a temporary extra bonus on top of the existing membership rewards. Offers valid till August 31, 2019, 12pm. An email with the download link will be send to members after September 1st.

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