Celebrating our Queer
My beloved team-mate, Jodi Clark, marched this past weekend with the Earth Spirit Community in the Northampton Pride Parade, in Northampton, MA. Here's to you and all who created the space for honoring and celebrating their whole selves together! And check out that rainbow tie!
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
Shared Leadership Patron
$5 or more per month
What You Receive: 
  • Our gratitude and the gratitude of this community. 
  • We will post a photo of you and a link to your work (Website and/or Social Media Link) on our Shared Leadership Community Gratitude Wall on our website. 
Live Monthly Shared Leadership Q&A
$10 or more per month
What You Receive: 
  • Photo and link of your choice on our Gratitude Wall on the GRTL website
  • Access to a Monthly Live Q&A session on shared leadership. We will send out inquiries ahead of time but also receive your written questions during the session. 
  • Access to all of the recordings of these sessions. 


“Tea Time Tuesday" Video Series
$20 or more per month
What You Receive:
  • All rewards from previous levels plus
  • Access to our Shared Leadership "Tea Time Tuesday Conversation” video series featuring special guests. You will receive access to all recordings.
Shared Leadership Circle Practice
$50 or more per month
What you receive:
  • All rewards from previous levels
  • Access to a monthly Shared Leadership Circle Practice for an hour. This will be a Zoom call I will host with my team. We will be in real time practice together to build relationship with the group, collectively solve challenges, share appreciation and gratitude, and vision together. The practice in this circle will cultivate:
    • Shared Leadership skills
    • Experience with a powerful collaboration framework
    • Igniting our group genius
  • Access to occasional “TeaTime Tuesday Deep Dive” video series, which will  feature a second interview with our TeaTime Tuesday guests responding to your questions, ideas and words of encouragement you can write in to them.
Inaugural Shared Leadership Dojo
$200 or more per month
What you receive: Membership in the Dojo

The Shared Leadership Dojo is your dojo to support and empower you within this global movement and new era of shared leadership. It is a place for intimate ongoing practice, mastery and realization of you as a collaborative, compassionate leader within a group. The only way to experience an experience is to experience it. Welcome to the Dojo!

Membership in the Dojo means you are committed to practicing and supporting each other in your individual and collective growth. 

The design for these circles is still emerging. Members who enter at this level will have exclusive access to updates about where the design is heading as well as a spot in the first Dojo Practice.

  • You will also receive all of the above benefits (Access to the Q&As, TeaTime Tuesdays, access to participate in the Monthly Shared Leadership Circle Practice and Gratitude Wall Recognition)
  • Growth benefits will include: 
    • Being supported by a master coach in shared leadership
    • A Peer Circle Shared Leadership experience
    • Being held compassionately accountable to your practices
Sliding Scale Individual Coaching/Musing with Lori
$600 or more per month
 $300 up to $1500

The fee will vary based on time and specific needs. If you are interested, call our office - 603-357-1969 or write to us at [email protected]

Shared Leadership Team Practice
$3,000 or more per month
This is for 2 teams of up to 6 members. Each team needs to be from one organization. One organization can have more than one team of 6. The teams will meet once a month. Topics will be guided by the team and what they most want to practice together. 

For example:

  • How to share power in a hierarchical structure
  • Creating human-centered virtual workspaces for remote teams
  • Training in our Shared Leadership Framework™
  • Training in our Compassionate Accountability Process™ 

Only one member of the team needs to sign up for a team of 6 from one place to access. When this tier is filled, anyone still desiring this tier can get on our wait list. My team and I will let you know when there is a spot for you and your team. We will co-create the design of this training with you. For teams of 2-3 members, we are open to negotiating a lower price for this experience. 

  • All of the rewards from the previous tiers will be woven into this experience.
  • A minimum time commitment of 6 months is required to take advantage of this reward. 

Go Team Radiance! 

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