This photo is of one of the props I get to use in my Music Together classes with the preschool children and their parents.  This week we focused on rolling the balls back and forth with our parters before just having fun with them.

The excitement that the children voice when they see the balls, and their eagerness to play with them reminds me of how I have felt this week.

Putting together the 4th milestone rewards, writing notes to all of my patrons and sending them in the mail has given a buoyant character to my days.

There are still (4) waiting to go because I need snail mail addresses in order for them to arrive, but I am delighted to respond to the grace of your support.

Patreon is having a gathering of all the SF area creators this next week, but I'll be on the road and will have to miss it, so I'll celebrate with you all here!


(Note:  The balls are being washed here because, I think you'll agree, to pre-schoolers (and me!) they look downright tasty!)

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