A Celebration of Jason Lutes
For the past 20+ years Jason Lutes has been working diligently on his sprawling opus Berlin, about daily life during the rise of fascism in Germany. (Read/listen to more about Berlin here.) This is alongside his efforts as an instructor at The Center for Cartoon Studies, a partner, a father, and a thoughtful friend. In addition to being an incredible cartoonist Jason is an amazing human and his impact is felt far and wide in our community.

Jason finished the last chapter of Berlin earlier this year. (A momentous achievement!) Over the last 6 months, 159 former students and friends of Jason worked in secrecy to redraw the first 6 chapters of Berlin in their individual styles to celebrate the completion of Jason's epic project. 

Last night, Friday May 4th, was the commencement dinner for the Center for Cartoon Studies class of 2018. At the end of the evening, CCS alumni (class of 2013) and current faculty member Luke Howard presented Jason with the collection of student/peers work celebrating Jason and Berlin.

Luke Howard's introduction to the gift below, alongside my progress to recreate my assigned page, pictures of the collected pages, and of Jason being presented the collection.

Jason's original page:

Digital pencils:



You can see video of Luke presenting Jason with the collection here.