Celebrity Apostate - Poem
Learning that 10 countries have the death penalty for people who leave Islam while many others have criminal and civil penalties was shocking to say the least. I tried to put myself in the shoes of an Ex-Muslim and wrote this poem, Celebrity Apostate.  This piece was first published earlier this month on The Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) Facebook page.  You can support Ex-Muslims and help end apostasy laws worldwide by joining in solidarity with them and sharing their stories.    

Celebrity Apostate

Guess we’re not worthy

Of your celebrity endorsement

I suppose our cause hasn’t reached

That level of social importance

The risk to your career and reputation

And potential loss of endorsements

Makes it an easy choice

To not have involvement

But perhaps my testimony

Will put your problems into context

Cause for leaving my religion

I face death.

Simply for not believing 

What I was taught

Following my conscience

When I was caught

Standing up for reason

Like it stands up for us

Grasping for freedom

I have never touched

Now my life is a crime

So I’m biding my time

Until I can escape

So goes the life of an apostate

I hope I don’t have to die

For my story to change your mind

But I doubt you’ll have the courage to speak

When you find out it’s Islam

And I am one of the lucky few

Surviving Ex-Muslims.