Celebrity Quirks Toggle Update - Mac Bug Fix

This is one of my older mods that allows players to toggle celebrity quirks on or off. When it's off, quirks will not be automatically added by the game allowing you to keep specific quirks on the sims.

This update fixes an issue where the toggle would not be saved to settings on Mac.

How to Use:

1. Press ctrl+shift+c to bring up the cheat console.

2. Enter "tm.togglequirks" without the quotes and press enter.

3. The cheat console will tell you if quirks are now on or off.

Install Instructions

1. Delete any existing copies you have for BBB.
2. Open the "TwistedMexi's Celebrity Quirk Toggle"  zip and drag the "Tmex-CelebQuirkToggle.ts4script" file inside to your mods folder.
3. Make sure script mods are on in gameplay options. You're all set!

NOTE: On Mac, .zip files may automatically be unzipped when downloaded.
In that case, drag the newly downloaded .ts4script to your mods.

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