Celtfather Monthly: April 2018
Greetings Gunn Runner

Saturday is the last day you can buy a CD of As Long As I'm Flyin'. After March 31, the physical CD will no longer be available. Order yours soon. There's only one place you can buy it. That is on Bandcamp.

St Patrick's Day was a big time of year once again for me. That shows in my latest Spotify stats.

As Long As I'm Flyin' already has 1934 streams.

Latest Single Stats: "She's Shiny": 278 streams. It is my #2 most-popular song.

Spotify followers: 938 up from 900. That's 38 new people.

# Number of listens on Spotify: 3046 up from 1651

Most-popular songs on Spotify: Widow and Devil (359), She's Shiny (278), Doctor of Gallifrey (248)

My Firefly Drinking Songs playlist now has 36 followers

Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers has 11 followers

Top Irish & Celtic Music has 91 followers

If you haven't saved any of my Spotify songs, go to my playlists. Find a song you like. Then save it. I hear that helps. 

I mention the cat playlist because I am launching a cat kickstarter this week. Though I realized today that I meant to launch it in April. Oh well... Bad form to promote a NEW ALBUM after I'm just now finishing up the promotion for the Firefly CD. But then I'm still uncertain how well the cat album will do. I'm giving myself 60 days to promote it.

The new kickstarter is for Sea Shanties for Cat Lovers. That's the third studio album in the Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers series. I'm already getting criticism for the new album. That's a good sign. But can it generate enough passion, interest or controversy to be funded? I don't know. We shall see. 

If you like my cat songs, make sure you subscribe to the cat mailing list.

This weekend, I fly to Texas for Sherwood Forest Faire. I'll be there two weekends. I have four shows daily. But the second weekend, the last show of each day will be a Brobdingnagian Bards reunion concert. We are busy promoting our new Patreon page and trying to find out how to create a new band in a new music environment.

We're also getting ready to release our first new music in ten years. You can become a part of that by joining the Brobdingnagian Bards patreon page.

Coffee with The Celtfather was a success this month. Next month, I'm gonna move the show up an hour to 10 am CST. It will still be on Thursdays though and still on Facebook. Attendance is still a bit lower than I'd prefer, but it's steady. And I'm getting in the habit of turning those shows into one-off videos. In fact, I already have a WHOLE BUNCH scheduled to be released on YouTube.

A quick reminder. The success of Coffee with The Celtfather comes from sharing and commenting. So chat away during the show. Post any sort of comment. Interact with people. And share it on your profile. More about that in a moment.

I also scheduled my CeltfatherLive shows for April. My goal is to try and do these shows twice a month on YouTube. One show will be available to the public. The other will be a private concert for everyone who joins Patreon as a Heroic Gunn Runner pledging $10 or more per month.

The Patreon show for April is on Thursday, April 5th. The public show will be on Sunday, April 15 (EDIT). I want to ask you to register to watch the show on April 15. Basically, you will sign up for a special reminder. You can do that at celtfather.com/watch/. Oh! And show time for each will be at 8 PM CST

I hope you enjoyed the Canton Radio episode of Geek Pub Songs. I had a lot of great feedback for that show. I'd love your thoughts as well. I can't wait to do DragonCon and Gen Con so I can share it with the Firefly Drinking Songs shows.

This month's episode will be highlighting cat songs. I haven't come up with any great idea behind it. So it might just be a straight forward radio show. If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them. 

I have three shows planned for Celtfather Music & Travel unless I have one done by the time I publish this. The first is an episode I mentioned last month on "The Long Arm". The next will be about a Cat CD primer, followed by a "How to Make the Most of Patreon" episode.

There are a lot of folks who don't comment on Patreon. And I can't tell if they're following, or if they're just showing their support with a pledge. But if I can get people to interact and we can build a community here, even better. But I thought this would be a pretty valuable tool for people to get over the hump. And now that I have THREE Patreon accounts, it seems like a useful episode.


I was reading a post by Marian Call on Facebook. Marian is an awesome Browncoat and geek musician. She was lamenting the fact that one of her Facebook page posts got only three people reading it. 

I, like most indie artists, are a bit at a loss. How on earth are you supposed to get heard if the "services" you use don't actually serve you?

For me, it's about my mailing list and Patreon. My mailing list is my #1 tool for engaging with Gunn Runners who are on the sidelines. They love what I do, but not enough to support me on Patreon.

I actually decided last week that I'm going to reduce the number of emails to my CeltfatherNews list because I'm not getting that much engagement, and reducing emails might help me sell more CDs... Well, that's the hope.

Patreon, I realized, again, is my best tool for engaging hardcore Gunn Runners. These are folks who WANT to hear from me. That's why I recently changed up the levels. Some want to hear from me more often than others. 

Someone on Marian's post shared articles about how to get through Gmail's spam filters. And it all boiled down to engagement. 

As a marketer, I hear that term all the time. But the introvert in me doesn't like it. Yet, I think back to the days before social media, and I engaged with a lot of people by email. So I feel like I better understand what I telling you about through my emails, podcasts, and social media posts. 

If you like something, engage with it. That might be as simple as posting "hell yeah" or "woohoo" in a blog post, or responding to email answering a question or asking your own. Of course, clicks and likes are nice, but it ultimately boils down to engagement.

Again, that's scary considering how little time I have. But I'm gonna dedicate myself to trying to engage better with the things I care about. I hope you will do the same.

I want to thank the newest members of the Gunn Runners Club on Patreon: Jerrie Adkins, Karen Cox, Andrew Lee, John Lude, River Godbee, Lisa Dalton.

You can help me create and release more music. Join the Gunn Runners Club for as little as a buck a month. This will help me create new music for you.

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