Celtic Heart variations
So, I'm trying to decide on various backgrounds to work out what would work best for a Valentine's Day card (yes, I know; it's a Hallmark holiday, yada yada yada, but still - the majority of people do still lke to give and receive stuff on the day so I figured I may as well see what I could come up with that's appropriately themed).

The flat coloured version when done in red is incredibly effective I think:

I think this one will definitely be going up on Redbubble. As regards the gold background, I think the gold on black will also be going up, but I've also been trying to come up with alternative backgrounds. i came up with the following:

Possibly a bit obnoxious or OTT?

Slightly tweaked version of the one above.

Or I could just go the full-on romantic route and opt for pink clouds:


Of course, I could just upload all of them and see what sells, but I welcome people's comments!

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