The last weeks saw me play an instigating role in the major grassroots #CensusFail education & media campaign raising awareness of the consequences of the recent decision of the ABS to de-anonymise the Australian census for the purposes of data linkage with multiple administrative data sets. 

During the past couple of weeks I have researched and posted several well-received articles, was successful in getting ABC's 7.30 Report to run a story on the issue and spoken to other media helping with articles.

In its first month, The Little Bird Network has received over 12K page views, over 7k of those to a single post which links to an FOI via Right to Know that includes ABS documents (often redacted) covering the decision to de-anonymise the 2016 Census.

Many people will not be aware that despite my ability to influence the political and media agenda that I receive only enough ongoing funding to pay for a cheap-shared server and other minor costs. I receive no funding from any source to compensate me for my expertise or labour despite demonstrating time and again my ability to understand, communicate and engage the general public in important policy questions.

The benefit of my poverty is that I am able to function in an independent manner however I think that ultimately, it is of benefit to Australians if I am supported by the grassroots that I represent rather than left at the mercy of my long term poverty.

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