Center For Otherworld Science - Chapter 3
I posted this last week, pre-Patreon, but I did post it in March, so I figured that I should record it here as well! Chapters 1 and 2 of this story can be downloaded in Issue 1(free on Gumroad -">, but this chapter is readable as a standalone. I'm really proud of my panel layout on pages 1 and 2. It's silly, but I've struggled with backgrounds and panel layout for a long time, and used to "cheat" a lot by just drawing lots of talking heads. This year, I wanted to pay a lot more attention to my environments, as well as figure out neat panel transitions. I know it's silly - but those middle panels of page 1, where Jen moves from one panel to another, but the background is a continuous image...I'm pretty stoked at how that worked out, and I'm glad to adopt that little trick into my comic-making toolkit. I think I'll always feel "new to comics," but the only way to fix that is to just keep on making them, as often as possible! I plan to do work on Chapter 4 this weekend, and I'm really excited(partially because 30 pages into this comic, I finally get to firmly establish that two of my lead characters are queer)!