The Central Plains University

Rosenfort’s administrative center has always been the large building built around (and within) the city’s looming Totem. Though every citizen knows it as the Central Plains University, the old and exalted piece of architecture did not always go by this designation.  

The building was first erected as a collaborative investment between seven wealthy, ruling families of Rosenfort. It was designed to include seven holds which served to house each family, as well as the Viziers they patroned. The architecture was built to wrap around and extend well into the totem as an aggressive claim of ownership. It was named Palace of the Singing Fields (after the manner in which the totem’s eerie wailing carried far across the plains), and the Kimet who lived within its walls asserted themselves as royalty.

As the gatekeepers to the Rosenfort Totem, the seven elite, lead by the ruling Chancellor of the fifth hold, had an iron grip on the resources it produced. They alone controlled what came in and what went out, and held this power as a tool of manipulation over the citizens under their rulership. If the population became too rowdy, or if they should fail to meet the expectations of their ruling elite, the seven families responded by throttling output until demands were met.

This resource guarding and defacto dictatorship stood in the way of producing a prosperous society, and the aggressive greed shared between the seven ruling families did not go unnoticed by their Viziers. In secret, the Viziers held structured meetings where they quietly plotted to overthrow their patron families.

It was a swift and well organized coup held within the Palace walls that saw the end of the seven family's reign. The collaborative efforts of the city's robust military, as well as the public’s expressed support ensured that the transfer of power was swift and bloodless. The Vizier Jin was accredited for leading the charge that resulted in the Palace’s quick capture.

Following the ousting of the seven families, the Viziers came together once again to write a constitution and provide a new designation for the Palace. Over the course of the following months, the Palace of the Singing Fields became open to the public and was rebranded as the Central Plains University. The seven holds now house the Ministries of Science, Health, Trade, Resources, Defense, Domestic Affairs, and Labour. It also holds the Library of the newly created Song Dominion, which houses the largest collection of texts in all of Teradin.

For two-hundred years and counting, the Central Plains University has served as the world’s top academic institution, and the administrative center for one of the strongest leading powers in the world.

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