Century Guild archival reproduction antique poster special offer collaboration

Beginning July 1st, and running through at least the end of August, in collaboration with Century Guild, as especial thanks from us both, we're offering an exclusive limited-time special offer. Anyone willing and able to support Hermetic Library by joining the new Sol (Propagandist) and Saturn (Fashionist) tiers will get for their first month a special archival reproduction of an antique poster in addition to all the other awesome perks, merch, giveaways, and offers.  

Although this special offer is exclusive to the new Sol and Saturn tiers, I wanted to share this with you all so you could consider joining those, but also so that you could checkout the awesome work being done by Century Guild!

These spiffy gorgeous reproductions are from Century Guild's Patronage Prints collection, and here's what they say about them:

"The Century Guild Patronage Print collection features some of the best antique posters we've had the good fortune to document.

Our museum and archive is dedicated to the research and preservation of original turn-of-the-century artworks, and when you purchase prints from this collection you are directly supporting the research and preservation of these rare, obscure, arcane, forgotten, and important posters. What makes our prints special? You won't find high-contrast, heavily photoshopped images here. Century Guild Patronage Prints accurately represent the original turn-of-the-century artwork. Each Patronage Print is created from a high-resolution image file, captured by scanning the original poster in the archive. The superior image quality ensures that the subtle details and colors of the original artwork are preserved, so that the print you receive is a beautiful, miniature version of the original. Each Patronage Print is presented on 11" x 14" archival paper and blindstamped with the Century Guild emblem."

Century Guild sent a set of 10 of these to get this special offer started!

Here's the ones that we selected, and that I have ready to go out. Take a gander at these! I've also included a link with each so that you can click through to find out more about the history of each particular poster from the set that I have now, ready for new Sol and Saturn Patrons.

The Dance of Death (Totentanz) American Release Poster

L'Hecatombe - La Syphilis


Beauty and the Beast (Light and Shadow)

Absinthe Robette

Les Goules

Princess Hyacinth

Jeanne d'Arc

La Sorcière - Grand Guignol de Paris

The Devil and Circe

If you are able to join at either of these new tiers in addition to this special offer, you'll be getting tons awesome perks and more over time, but even if you were only able to join for just the first month, now you'd still be getting something awesome in thanks!

Of course, there are a variety of other options for support tiers with great perks to consider, all of which help support my work as Librarian and keep Hermetic Library online, going, and growing. Even every coin in the tip jar and all ongoing Patrons at any other pledge level are much appreciated!

And, help spread the word about this special offer, and all of the neat perks, merch, giveaways, and offers here, to others you know who might be interested in becoming ongoing Patrons of Hermetic Library!

But, either way, do consider checking out all the awesome work they do over at Century Guild with posters, books and more, all special works archiving awesome art and history.

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