Cepheus’ Gallery
Another one of the caves leading into the catacombs beneath Triumph Mesa, this one is named after it’s primary resident, the boneless lich known as Cepheus. Cepheus is an undead monstrosity of immense size, resembling a bloated and unearthly octopus more than anything else. It resides within the large cavern, immersed in the study of other realms that it accesses via a 4 foot diameter crystal ball that it caresses in its massive rotting tentacles. Most travellers have the good sense to bypass this cavern completely on their way down, but some have sought out and spoken with the foul beast and a rare few have left Cepheus’ gallery with knowledge and secrets previously unknown to man and elf alike. Like some of my recent maps, this one is available both with and without grid on the blog page. (this also appeared for a very short time on the blog as a Tuesday map this week, due to a post scheduling error)