Ceramics And Bones

I have been busy the past month or so. Busy with ceramics related things
 when not reading and doing art research.  A ton of glaze work has been
completed since my last post. It is a little slow going because I need
to wait for it to dry and some of the pieces are small. This is a little
 peek at the progress so far; apologies for the quality, had to take it
with my phone camera.  The top half of the image shows pieces that are
already glazed. The bottom half shows pieces still waiting to be glazed.
  The colors you see from the raw glaze are not the actual colors the
pieces will eventually be.  Most raw glazes tend to be various hues of
orange/terra cotta color and browns, some dull reds, and various shades
of gray or similar light color because of the minerals in them.  Once
the glazes are fired, they look completely different. You never know
what you will get, so it is always a surprise to open the kiln.  I am
really looking forward to firing the first glaze load soon!

I have otherwise been busy fixing the computer and recovering from a
roadtrip. Some mishaps with the main computer crashing, having to
reinstall programs, caused more digital setbacks.  All my programs were
saved to a separate drive in case the OS drive failed at any point.
Unfortunately this didn't work because the registry records totally
fried themselves when Windoz ( Updates ) self destructed and forced me
to format.  I have since made various backup points and a ghost drive in
 hopes of preventing further problems if the system crashes again.
Hoping it will make it easier to format and reinstall everything.

I'll have some neat pictures to share at some point from the Museum of
Osteology, which is a private museum devoted to the study of bones and
skeletons, and part of the famous Skulls Unlimited.  BOOONES.  SO. MANY.
 BONES. As a bone collector myself, I was in heaven.  The collection is
amazing, and what was on display is only a tiny fraction of what they
have.  I took so many pictures, most for anatomy reference and artistic
study.  The taxonomic displays were amazing.  I could have stayed there
all day just staring at everything.

More later!