CFB Winning Edge 2019 FBS Team Profiles

Our 2019 FBS Team Profiles are now available for all 130 FBS teams. Tier 2 Patrons may now view our updated 2019 FBS Team Profiles (link below). 

Tier 3 Patrons have full access to the Google Sheet, including the ability to download or copy the full document (Patrons can email [email protected] to request access).

Each FBS Team Profile includes:

  • Team capsule with power ranking, yards per play, yards per play allowed and net YPP, average 247Sports Composite talent projection for full team, and offensive and defensive starters, Team Performance rating, Roster Strength rating, roster strength +/- (how 2019 Roster Strength compares to preseason 2019 Roster Strength) and Head Coach rating.
  • Projected depth chart (Updated regularly)
  • Overall player ratings (VGR+) for roughly 80 players per team
  • 247Sports Composite recruiting ratings, career games played and games started for roughly 80 players per team (current for all 130 teams as of 2019 preseason; 2019 updates finalized on or before March 1, 2020). 
  • Career production points for roughly 80 players per team
  • Complete 2019 recruiting class with VGR+ for all new signees
  • List of players no longer on the roster from 2018 (including graduated seniors, transfers, medical retirements, and early entrees to the 2019 NFL Draft) - Please note, GP/GS totals reflect pre-2018 totals for most players in this section.
  • Position & Unit Ratings: See the weighted average of each position and unit and compare how each team stacks up against the conference and FBS average
  • Glossary and color-coded personnel key
  • Regular updates to roster and depth chart information based on news, as it becomes available

Questions, comments or concerns about our FBS Team Profiles? Reach out via Twitter (@CFBWinningEdge), email ([email protected]) or the Patreon messaging system.

Link: 2019 FBS Team Profiles 

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 95 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 95 exclusive posts
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