CGR Supreme 1-6 Review List
For years people have asked for physical releases of every CGR review, and for years I've been seeking a way to make my content better and escape the situation on the Internet. CGR Supreme is my solution, a signed and stamed physical release collection to be proud of and enjoy at maximum rad-i-tude

On December 1st, at about 11am Eastern Time, I am planning the Kickstarter launch of the first series called CGR Supreme Volumes 1-6. This will be six collections combining to form 18 hours of CGR (36 with the commentary tracks). So it's like Devastator, except with more pinball.

There will be physical and digital releases, sold combined or individual if you just want to pick and choose. Exclusive reviews will also be posted here on Patreon, so if you're happy with this then you're good to go! If you want them lined up on the shelf, CGR is here for you. Kickstarter versions will be signed and get the CGR Kickstarter stamp (which I'm designing).

Posted below is the rough review list. I am filming brand new intros for each review that give a bit of info and / or the release date. Each volume is a collection of new and old reviews, assembled for maximum viewing enjoyment and including a wide array of game genres, systems and review styles. In some cases I go back to the master files and re-render the reviews at even higher bit rates (like the old pinball ones). When watching them I want the viewer to bounce between 2008 reviews recorded on VHS with monotone Mark, to 2012 wacky pinball reviews to 2016 super HD reviews polished to perfection. They all have a different vibe and deliver real, interstesting journalism (occasionally) EDF!

This list will likely change a bit, and I'm still adding new game reviews to it as I make them which affects run time, so the final won't be done until it's done (Volumes 1 & 2 are being completed now) ***indicates a new review made to CGR Supreme standards with new gear, there's some production notes too.  The layout of volumes 4-6 is really rough, I haven't watched an edit yet.

CGR Supreme 1

Truxton Arcade Machine

Robocop Pinball

Rolling Thunder 2

Space Cavern

Assetto Corsa ***

Chuck Norris Superkicks


Phalanx ***

Virtua Fighter 32X

Alex Kidd in Shinobi World

Game Boy Camera

Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch: Make my Video (exclusive)

Silpheed Sega CD

Solar Fox

Sleeping Dogs

Sin and Punishment

Mouse Trap ***


Bird Week

Firepower 2000 ***

R Zone

Lady Bug***

CGR Supreme 2

Barney’s Hide and Seek Game


Tapper Atari 2600

Game Boy Printer

Zusar Vasar ***

U-Haul Van

Giga Wing (RE RENDER)

Adventures of Tron

PS Home Pt1

Atlantis Pinball

Road Rash 3DO (RE RENDER)

Umihare Kawase

Nightmare Creatures ***

Quarth Game boy

Battle Arena Toshinden (saturn)

Bentley Compu Vision


Thrust Vectrex ***

Home Pt2

Super Laydock***

Surgical Strike

Tokyo Highway Battle ***

NES Advantage (RE RENDER)

NES Advantage 2017 re-review (exclusive)

Red Faction

CGR Supreme 3

Earth Defense Force 4.1

Mark Buys a Sega Saturn

Guardian Force

Blades of Steel

Super Breakout Atari 2600

Fantasy Zone

Bushido Blade

Top Gun Famicom

Pac Man Stressball


Nuts and Milk

Demolition Girl

Dark Spire

Far Cry 4

Surfer pinball

Tactics Ogre

The Typing of the Dead

Mr Do Colecovision

Shock Troopers 2

G.Darius ***

Senran Kagura for PS Vita ***

Dreamcast controller (RE RENDER)

Dreamcast controller 2017 re-review (exclusive)

Gundam Xtreme Vs for PS3***

Rastan Sega Master System ***

Atari Flashback Portable***

CGR Supreme 4

Metamorphic Force

Shovel Knight

Cosmic Chasm

Demons to Diamonds



Pit Fighter (Genesis)

Transporter Pinball

SMS Phaser

Space Gun SMS

Raiden 2 Arcade Game (exclusive)

Atari Jaguar

Gorf Colecovision

Goldeneye 007

Fast Food Atari 2600

Solar Striker Game Boy

Squinikies Nintendo DS

Encounter at L5 Atari 2600

Xcom Enemy Unknown

Night Stalker Intellivision

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 for PS3 ***

Formation Z for MSX***

CGR Supreme 5

Robo Army Neo Geo

Ace Attorney Miles Edgeworth DS

Air Diver Genesis

Frogger II Threedeep

Hello Kitty Dressup

Pulstar Neo Geo CD


Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Supersonic Pinball

FZero GX

SimCity 2000 (exclusive)

Sneak N Peek

Metroid II Game Boy

Fortress of Narzod Vectrex

KC Munchkin

Rival Schools 2

Captain Skyhawk

Rick Rolld’

Panzer Dragoon Saga ***

CGR Supreme 6

Panzer Dragoon Orta

Nintendo E Reader

Balloon Fight eReader

Fathom Atari 2600

Gyruss FDS

Wave Race 64

Capn America and Avengers


Future Spa

Smurf Atari 2600

Mario Fruit Snacks

Yakuza Dead Shouls

Rollergmes pinball

X-Men Hyperscan

Digital Pinball Necronomicon

N64 Controller

N64 Controller 2017 remake

Banjo Tooie***

Dungeons and Dragons PC ***

Whew, that's a lot! Don't see your favorite review here? Don't worry, if this gets made then I'm doing more. Volume 7 is already being assembled from good reviews that slipped this cut and will kick off series 2 next year. Thank you, have a great week and I'll see you soon with the reviews Gundam of Xtreme Vs, Atari Flashback Portable, Rastan and my new Atari sweater. -Mark