CH#35 Mail Bag

Welcome to Commander’s Horn, Episode 35, Hosted by Dane “McBeard” and Josh “Greyboxer”. This week we dig into the mail bag to talk about the things you want to discuss! Also, McBeard is heading to Poland to be one of the Gwent Challenger casters alongside MegaMogwai.

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Gwent Reset Keg/Reward Info http://gwentify.com/gwent-closed-beta-to-open-beta-transition-information/

McBeard "I Got The Job!" Challenger announcement: https://youtu.be/sYHEYnQ5V64

AdamNadrac's Radovid: http://www.gwentdb.com/decks/17238-radovids-army-adamnadrac

Gwent Folk Tales Ep. #3 (feat. Premium Barclay Els): https://youtu.be/GVlsZxsBy9Q


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