Hello friends! I pulled the trigger on the previously-discussed change; we're no longer doing a per-project pledge system, but a monthly. Last month will be charged the old system - this new one is going forward.

What I've been told is that your pledge rolls over - I'm not sure if it rolls into double the amount (ie if you had pledged $1 per each of two videos, is it now $2?) or singly that amount. But in either case - please do check the new rewards on the homepage so you can decide if you'd like to edit your pledge in some fashion. I came up with some crazy things for Bill Gates. LOL! And if you have suggestions to change any of those, lemme know.

The video above is unlisted on my YT channel - and of course I turned off the dang like/dislike button, because some folks dislike talking about support on principle. (Well there are also just people who dislike ME, so there. ha!) But it should be live on my patreon homepage. Would love to know what you think?

I'll be back tomorrow with a patron-only preview of Friday's cute prismacolor pencil video - it has a patreon shout-out in it so we might welcome some new friends after that! :)

Hugs all round!