Hello Listeners! 

You might have noticed some changes around here and we wanted to let everyone know about it. 

The connotations behind the term "bros" have become increasingly negative as of late and we're aware that it may have been offputting for some, despite our best efforts to reclaim the term for everyone. We love being able to bring you our podcast every other week and engaging with you on the films you love. But fostering an inclusive and intersectional horror community is something we both feel is extremely important. Because of this we've decided to rename ScreamBros...

                                                                The Scream Squad

Your favorite horror podcast will remain the same and we hope even more listeners will feel welcome to join us in The Dungeon under this new moniker. We've always wanted to turn this podcast into a community where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. We hope this small change helps us accomplish that. 

Our twitter handle has been updated to @TheScreamSquad but our old handle @ScreamBrosPod will redirect you, no need to follow anything new. 

Thanks for listening and supporting us but most of all, Welcome to the Squad! 

Jamie & Chico

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