Gonna be making some changes with my Patreon. 

Now it will only have 3 tiers:

$1 tier will be doodles, CF pages, typical Webcomic patreon stuff.

$3 tier will be a monthly video covering stuff I've learned. I've been giving classes on making comics and mainly encouraging experimenting with paneling and ideas, so it would be more or less this but without the workshops. Also will be focused on the psychology and reasoning behind some scenes in CF to see if it inspires you into doing anything of the sort. SO, you can learn what I did and avoid making my early mistakes.

$5 tier will be the highest tier and it covers all of that, +exclusive things like its original tier (animations), but also now has a first look at other projects I'm working on (and am legally allowed to show).

So if you like the idea, drop suggestions, ideas, topics, etc. 

Supporting me also helps post it to the public and your name will appear at the end of each video. And if you want to donate more than $5, you're more than welcome to!

For now I will be working on the 2017 Patreon video explaining this in detail!

Thank you!

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