Ch1mpmania Arena Shooter - Notes

Finally NOT a Quake Live / UT clone :)
Ch1mpmania is gonna be a new Arena Shooter created by Rocket Jump Zone.


Each map to have different environment and unique style

1 - Jungle
Ability: grappling hook

2 - Moon
Ability: fuel (low cooldown)

3 - ?? Aerowalk / Fuse like map
Ability: blaster

4 - Firestorm
Ability: Flick (randomly teleport within xy distance, higher cooldown)

5 - Canal
Ability: crouch slide


Simplified CMP (no need to strafe, circle jump etc.) + movement ability 


1 - Melee (reflex like?)

2 - Mortar (xon clone)

3 - Rocket Launcher (xon clone)

4 - LG / MG ?

5 - Electro ?

6 - Railgun

(best to have unique weapons)


1 - Warmup
A simple map with no score / frag / time limit. (CA / DM)
Simply join and whenever you’re ready go play Competitive / Casual modes.

2 - Duel
For competitive players

3 - Gladiators 
A team based mode for 4 players. A gladiator style map where you have to survive and coop with your team up to level 10 (rounds).
The mode changes (map, levels. AI) every new season.

Attackers: Real players who spawn randomly against your squad. Their job will be to stop you from advancing to a next level.


A Chimpanzee, + more to come in the future (especially for the Gladiators mode)



  • Is Ch1mpmania gonna be for free?

Free to play, probably even open source at some point and available on Steam for Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

  • What are your priorities?

1 - !! Gameplay !!
2 - ! Fun ! - the game has to be super fun to play - that includes the maps, sound, modes
3 -  Engine - the game has to launch within 2 seconds, no annoyance

  • Release date?

Our goal is to release the game asap - less than a year. We won’t spend time on any cinematic intros, cosmetics, loot boxes.. or anything necessary to play the game. 
There will be a console to customize the game to your wishes.

  • DM, TDM, CA, Sactifice, CTF modes?

We don't care about such modes and you will not see it in Ch1mpmania.

Our plan is to..

1 - take notes / feedback from the community
2 - prepare it for "kickstarter"
3 - Prepare a dev team
4 - Game release (Early Access - 5 duel maps, 1 Gladiators map. That's it.)

Feel free to visit the Discord Server and give us feedback.

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